Oshie’s Tail Wagon Rescue & Transport is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, foster-based rescue focused on “urgent” abandoned & neglected dogs about to be destroyed in kill-shelters.

  • We work at the institutional level through our partnerships with municipal shelters, rescue organizations, etc.
  • We are not breed, gender, or age specific.
  • Our pups tend to be the overlooked, neglected, and abandoned pups in the shelter with hours or minutes left to live before euthanasia.
  • We are 100% volunteer (no salaries or compensations)
  • We do not operate a central kennel facility.
  • All our pups are fostered by volunteers at home which allows us to socialize and get to know them as best we can!

Our biggest expense by far is veterinary and any donation helps our cause! If you’re able to, please visit our Donation page!

You can view our Guidestar listing here.

Thank you to our friends for partnering /working with and donating to us!

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Friends of Oshie’s Tail Wagon Rescue & Transport:

Oshie’s Tail Wagon Rescue & Transport is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity eligible to accept tax-deductible donations and gifts. Please consult with your own tax attorney & accountant to determine your own eligibility.