Adoption Policy

For the safety and well-being of our pets, we carefully screen potential adopters and look for signs suggesting a good match and do so through an adoption application review process. We also require a mutual but concrete way for us to follow-up after the adoption just to check in and visually verify everyone is doing well with each other – both adopters & pups.

NOTE: Applicants must understand that for the sake of our adoptees we do not operate on a “1st come 1st serve” basis.

Our standard adoption process is as follows and generally proceeds in this sequence:

  • Application (online) received & reviewed by us
  • Meet n’ Greet (MnG) (typ. neutral, public location)*
  • Mandatory post-MnG wait period (24-hour minimum)
  • Applicant declares to us wish to proceed with adoption
  • Reference checks (veterinary & personal)
  • Home visit
  • Contract review & signing
  • Delivery

* – Although encouraged, all household members need not be present at the MnG. HOWEVER, all household members must have met and engaged with the pet PRIOR to contract signing & delivery!

NOTE: The home visit, contract signing, and delivery can often be combined into a single visit. Applications are mandatory PRIOR to MnG’s to detect potential incompatibilities – for more information, please see the animal’s details in the photo album description linked above.

DISTANT ADOPTIONS: Adoptions well out of the Cleveland, Ohio area (greater than 60 miles), including out-of-state adoptions, are possible and HAVE BEEN DONE WITH SUCCESS! However, please note that arrangements must be made and mutually agreed upon to complete all the aforementioned steps including MnG, 24-hr wait period, and remote home visit. Generally, we do NOT do adoptions “sight unseen”.

ADOPTION FEE: OTWRT does not charge a mandatory adoption fee. Unfortunately, adoption fees do not come close to our rescue cost per animal. Thus, we suggest a $200 voluntary donation to help us offset our costs so we can help rescue the next animal in need. This can be via cash or check in our name. Credit card donations may also be phoned in directly to our account at one of our veterinarians – however, please consult us prior to doing so as this method would be considered nonrefundable.