Your donation helps offset the majority of our expense which is the medical / veterinary cost for our rescued pups. This pertains to everything from the basic post-shelter intake vetting we do (e.g. exams, basic lab work, senior blood panels, flea/tick/HW preventatives, medications, etc.) through the more advanced issues we deal with (e.g. hospitalization/observation, heartworm treatment, broken bones, renal failures, mange, malnurishment, etc.). Our pups also incur required fees & expenses such as those related to transport, government certifications, grooming, and foster supplies (food, toys, etc.).

NOTE: We do NOT have paid or salaried employees of any kind so none of your donation goes to wages, bonuses, attending conferences, administrative training sessions, travel (unrelated to actual physical transports of dogs), or for any other personal benefit. Since we are home foster-based we are free from paying any sort of rent or lease for any facility or office.

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Oshie’s Tail Wagon Rescue & Transport is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity eligible to accept tax-deductible donations and gifts. Please consult with your own tax attorney & accountant to determine your own eligibility.