Fostering saves lives!

How? Imagine a shelter full of kennels maxed out to capacity. The shelter needs to clear out space so they choose a number of dogs for euthanasia – sometimes by the end of the day, sometimes right away. As a rescue, we’d like to rescue these dogs facing their untimely end – but we need a place to put them. That’s where YOU come in! By making room in your home, you give us this place and ultimately buy time to find these pups new homes or give them the time they need to receive veterinarian and healing care.

There are different kinds of fosters all varying in type(s) of animals, ages, kids/no kids, length of commitment, etc. But generally they all do the same thing: take care of their foster pup like their own family.

Foster Requirements

  • Own your own residence (or have a landlord who completely understands and grants permission).
  • Everyone in home has good foster qualities (safety-conscious, patient, compassionate, understanding, fun, non-violent, no temper)
  • Have own transportation (in case of emergency vet visit, getting supplies, transporting to appointments, etc.)
  • Have a safe outdoor place for potty and/or play.
  • Have the ability to isolate or crate, if needed or pup is unattended.
  • Not have to leave the pup crated or alone for long periods in the day (e.g. nobody home all day long).
  • Desire to socialize & patience to train pup, as needed.
  • Toys, treats, place to sleep, and love…!

What rescue provides for foster pup

  • All veterinary/medical costs covered.
  • All preventatives (flea, tick, HW) covered.
  • All food covered.
  • Our (and our pup’s) eternal thanks!

How to apply to help as a foster

Please use our online application for adoption form and enter “Foster” as animal/pet name! Thank you!